The roller coaster of change
RNAO champions - also known as change agents - plot where they are on the "roller coaster of change." They represent the motivated individuals who are a vital part of RNAO's knowledge translation work.
Leading change through social movement

For over two decades, RNAO’s strong, evidence-based documents have positioned the association and its members for success. Whether best practice guidelines (BPG) or well-researched policy documents, the evidence RNAO provides is robust and impactful. Yet, as explained in chapter 18 of RNAO’s book Transforming Nursing Through Knowledge (Grinspun et al, 2018), evidence alone does not often lead to system-level changes. This is why, for the last two decades, RNAO has also been working to understand what we need to do to move evidence-to-practice at the individual, organizational and health-system levels. This is what is referred to as “knowledge translation” and “implementation science.” 

RNAO, as an expert and creative user of knowledge translation methodologies, has launched grassroots initiatives like Take your MPP to Work, which allow us to translate policy knowledge through political action. Similarly, we provide capacity building to BPG champions so they can work with their colleagues to implement BPGs. We also work with Best Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSO) in preparing their organizational context to adopt BPGs. 

RNAO uses two frameworks in its knowledge translation work: the Knowledge to Action Framework (Graham et al, 2006) and RNAO’s Social Movement Action Framework. You may have seen the first in RNAO’s Implementation Toolkit. Our goal now, as we develop the third edition of our Implementation Toolkit, is to explicitly include the Social Movement Action Framework inclusive of conceptual clarity of what comprises a social movement in the context of knowledge translation, evidence uptake and sustainability. 



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