Rosanra (Rosie) Yoon
Rosanra (Rosie) Yoon
Redefining mental health
Profiled Nurse
Rosanra (Rosie) Yoon
Three things you didn't know about
She loves travelling around the world with her family.
She enjoys unscheduled time “doing nothing” with a cup of coffee.
She lives in a multi-generational household of six people.
Rosanra (Rosie) Yoon’s earliest childhood memories harken back to her days accompanying her mother on the streetcar for monthly visits to Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital. From the age of four to eight, she was scared and nervous on these outings, but as soon as she saw her mother’s nurse, she felt safe.  “She was so good at acknowledging both of us…the way she talked to me and my mother at those monthly visits was so empathic, empowering and person-centred,” recalls Yoon. The experience piqued her interest in nursing, but it wasn’t until she learned her mother’s diagnosis that she knew mental health was her calling.   “At 13, my father handed me a discharge summary from a psychi...



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Spring-Summer 2023
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