Simon Donato-Woodger
Simon Donato-Woodger
Speaking out is part of nursing
Profiled Nurse
Simon Donato-Woodger
Three things you didn't know about
He is currently learning sign language.
His favourite band is Rush.
He’s been to all 10 provinces and the Northwest Territories.
RN Simon Donato-Woodger understands how advocacy helps to improve patients’ lives. As the son of a teacher, Simon Donato-Woodger knew from a very young age the importance of being politically active. Seeing his mother participate in walk-outs, call for increased education funding and advocate for her students instilled in him a sense of pride and drive for change that defined his impressionable years as a young man. When his mother passed away when he was 12 years old, that passion for advocacy didn’t leave him. However, getting to where he is today wasn’t as straightforward as one might expect. He has changed career paths a few times as he’s navigated his life choices. In 2016, Do...



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Winter 2024
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