harm reduction illustration
Family and community come together to reduce harm and build a healthier future for those battling substance-use disorder.
Diana Bolton
Saving lives and salvaging hope

NP and RNAO member Joanna Binch is tenacious and undeterred by barriers that others may find daunting. For more than a decade, she has laid the groundwork to not only help, but also respect and honour her clients in an area of Ottawa that has more rooming houses than any other part of the city. Her compassion and commitment to some of the city’s most vulnerable residents is showcased in a poignant and heartbreaking CBC documentary called Blue Roses, a raw and honest look at what it’s like to feel forgotten by the health system.

NP Joanna Binch (right) is featured prominently in the CBC documentary "Blue Roses," which takes a raw and honest look at what it's like to be forgotten by the health system. In this segment, she enlists the help of a community member to find a client.



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